About Us

This site will start as a collection of content, where storytelling is the language we love. The editordial calendar is set by Hall of Fame Student-Athlete and Sports Professional Shannon McFarland, who has an academic background in Public Relations; Recreation and Sport Management.

Having both played and coached through the collegiate level, and with passion for television programming, the goal of Champion Diaries is to engineer campaigns that bring out qualities like literacy, sports, and business in youth for a responsible society. 

In our unique strategy, we develope private messages necessary to deliever effective public relations. Traditionally, we draft biographies, features, and news stories to influence participation. These involve topics such as education, community, and global welfare to promote social organization. This language drives growth, and is relatable to all types of people. 

We call this: Champion Diaries.

Our cultured and friendly strotytelling is here to assist any of our friends champion their own diary- Whether eight year old students, or athletes on the ice, big or small- This agency is a private space for professionals to create exceptional PR.