There is shifting, changing power in every Champion message.

Shannon McFarland, MS

Brand Messaging

Both the truth and lies could cut a professional's reputation. But it is important to understand the opportunities of leadership and control over media coverage. There will be times when words are displayed to hurt people, but my system fills clients with words in which to build them. Companies, teams, partners, fans, they all want to hear news about their celebrity from said celebrity, first. With my client having the full story in their hands, they will block any penetration.
My clients play the game well, as do I.   


  • The Interview: drafting features that align the professional's goals with a Champion Diaries mental skill of victory, shifting a narrative
  • The Content: this manifests the daily posts, and foundation to ensure a continuous flow of conversation
  • The Landing: strategic placement, and great business rapport leads the operation of a successful media campaign
  • The Conversation: news began as a reflection of society, but now, we have the components to make society a reflection of media
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