"Publicity can be terrible. But only if you don't have any."

Jane Russell

Publicity Management

It will not be easy for my client to look presentable for the public all of the time, but it is possible. There will be times that a professional may let down a team, investors, family, and even fans. But I am here to prevent their reputation from suffering because of eventual human error. All of my Champions can be protected from media hounds and scandals. My platform is to create a safe media environment for them to step up, and rise above all of the negative press with a plan, and with the truth.  


I manage my client's presence, while they promote the change we all wish to see.


  • Selecting a Message: crafting the right words to push an agenda, utilizing the properties of a mass media moment
  • Sharing with a Channel Against Noise: an element of distraction accompanies any medium, and can be combated with mindfulness
  • Persuading the Receiver: using an authentic method plays on how well the audience believes in the message, and the sender
  • Listening to the Feedback: conveying interest in the audience displays the intent to have meaningful speech, and to express care
  • Determining a Response: choose the appropriate time to leave a conversation in peace, and with the opportunity to expand the reach 
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