Champions network. 



The 2019 Champaign Campaign will benefit our Twin-City Little League Baseball Champs, First String and the Boyz 2 Men football efforts. Join us to celebrate Jackie Robinson Day on Saturday, April 13, or send the joy of sportsmanship to the players at McFarland Field. Don't miss the Douglass Doggs. They are very worth it. 


Engage your initiative, and champion it in Champaign. Youth development is the force behind our future.

Contact us to reserve space for your organization, product or business, and the campaign will surely oblige. 

FREE WAVE: back to school success


Stay tuned for the 2019 VIP packages for academic success on Friday, August 16. 

This annual pool party and school supply drive at Crystal Lake Family Aquatic Center in Urbana will be open for registration this Spring. Be sure to follow Urbana Parks for information and updates.



Insurance means protecting the future, and it looks a number of ways. At least it does with the products of State Farm. We place value in our relationship with Joe Stovall, knowing that accidents will not break us. 

He's got our back. 


Another series coming soon is more money for your money. +1 217 356 8300



Get your life in Lindsay and Anthony's virtual gym. When you exercise life, it becomes more than mere exercise. Your workouts become driven, more frequent, and more rewarding- no matter your fitness goals. 

Be sure to keep your spirits high, your core tight, and thank yourself later. 



Adam is a floating hometown chef with wizardry in his hands, and owner of Breakfast, Life and Dinner. When the buffalo cauliflower became a thing, Adam became the man. He prepares dishes in your home, cooking coaching as an adventure, and brings a personalized confidence to your meals- no matter the ingredients. 


Catch Adam's menu featured on CI Living for WCIA, or call +1 408 515 5820. 

"Culture for Service.."  - Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA. 2009