Another year, and we could not be happier! Through Dream Girls Academy, and for the community.


We are here to make sure our schools have a successful year. Whether in Champaign Unit 4 Schools, or Urbana School District 116, we are going to provide backpacks, school supplies and community resources to influence more family involvement. 


If you have already RSVP'd you will receive your ticket in your listed email. Once you have, please find the event page on Facebook and tell all of your friends where you and your kids will be on Friday, August 17th! 


In case of thunderstorms, we will only shift the event to the Anita Purves Nature Center, same time and same location for parking. 


On Friday, August 17th, the Crystal Lake Family Aquatic Center and the Anita Purves Nature Center will be occupied for our Free Wave. We are inviting other organizations or small businesses to join us in suplying and stuffing 300 backpacks for the students in CU!


We have been receiving donations since we closed last year, and all excess will go to sustaining classrooms throughout the year. Let us know how you would like to involve your group! You can send a donation to the DGA 501(C)(3), you can drop off supplies the day of the event, or you can volunteer to man a table with your supplies. Contact us today!