Session 1
35.00 USD

First monthly membership of the UXIISD system, promoting intercollegiate success.


We provide hourly sessions to student-athletes to help design what life can be. It is learning to articulate in the classroom with charisma, or winning graciously in the arena. It is always about the heart, remembering what you are made of. Together, we can influence the change we wish to see in our future-- one of play hard, and work harder.  Let's build together!



Social Media Calendar
45.00 USD

One-Month editorial calendar for social media


There will come a time when you need to treat your social media with a bit more respect, whether you have a business brand or not. Eventually, society will cause a shift, and we will regain consideration for our neighbors. Social media has brought much of the world together, shrinking it, abling us to globally disseminate information from our cell phones. Oops. We have to watch what we post before we post it. 



It will not be easy for my client to look and sound presentable for the public all of the time, but it is possible. There will be times where even a professional may let down a team, investors, family, and even fans. This human element brings light through an eventual human error. All of my Champions can be protected from media hounds and scandals. My platform is to create a safe media environment for everyone to live in their convicting truth, hour by hour. 



.99 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Third online editorial of Shannon McFarland's Rouler Magazine and its contributors.


Once there is no more accountability pretense, the Champion Diaries influence is reduced to title of Publicist. When there is news interraction, an Agent will lead in the storytelling, designed to implement the client's calendar and schedule. This involves research, scanning, creating, engagement, and analyses, just to be effective. Social Media Marketing is a big game in media, so let's have some fun!



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